An Ecolis, one of the Wood Spirits.

Wood Spirits are magical creatures that live in the Mana Woods. Dorian can command these Wood Spirit creatures to help him defeat the Kingdom. There are three main kinds of Wood Spirits, Ecolis, Ecomon, and Ecoby. They can be summoned by taping their tails on the Mana House or a House Tree. More Wood Spirits can be created by making Ecolis plant a tree on certain types of ground.

It is possible to heal the Wood Spirits by directing them to the Mana House or a healing tree.

By feeding them white Mana Drops they increase in experience and may gain a level. If more spirits are added to the group the level can decrease due to the experience rebalancing to all of the group. Decreasing the amount of troops will not change the level. Feeding them colored Mana Drops will change their stat distribution.

When a group of Wood Spirits reach level twenty they gain a special move. The special move depends on the kind of Wood Spirit and changes when they change into a different form. If the Wood Spirit drops below level twenty they lose the special move and will be regained when level twenty is reached again.

Sometimes a group of Wood Spirits will want to play with Dorian, triggering an event.

List of Wood SpiritsEdit