Master Art



Master talking to Dorian.

Master is a large purple humanoid wizard that lives in the Mana Woods and is the master of Dorian. He resembles a durian fruit and Dorian himself in appearance as he has fur tufts all over his body and a spike on top of his head, but unlike Dorian he also has a white beard and eyebrows. He teaches Dorian how to command the Wood Spirits and how to use magic spells such as firing lightning bolts and sprouting trees instantly.

However, he gets kidnapped by the Minister and gets brainwashed by his Super Deluxe Brain Washing machine and Dorian attacks him in an attempt to fix the issue. He attacks using his goggles which emit a strange yellow damaging ray. He can also summon a whirlwind that scatters all of Dorian's Wood Spirits. He has the ability to use the Bolt Super Magic against Dorian and damage him. Master can also stun the Wood Spirits by spinning all over. After Dorian defeats him he gains a Mana Crystal and the Spiral magic.