Mappa Woods Map

Mappa Woods on the map.

The Mappa Woods is the northern east part of Mana Woods. Dorian sometimes goes there when a Wood Spirit wants to play with him.

When Dorian first enters into the Mappa Woods he is annoyed by the lack of trees, saying that it doesn't look much like a Woods and wondering what happened. He then sees an incomplete apartment building with a machine commander nearby saying that he wanted the building done yesterday. The commander wants more product development laboratory staff, so he can feed the Kingdom and get a bonus. The commander wants to get rid of the trees.

Dorian then says that they made the woods naked by cutting down the trees. He sets on stopping the construction of the buildings. After doing this he state that he would cry too if he were this naked. Then he starts feeling very uneasy.

Dorian then discovers more machines and say they're bullying the trees. He then tells the machines that bad things will happen if the woods disappear acording to Master. He orders the machines to leave the trees alone.

After cleaning the area of bad guys a red tenticle appears from the ground. Dorian wants it to get away, so he attacks it. However it reappears at another spot. Then, it reappears again. After it is destroyed three times it is beaten and now Dorian doesn't feel right about something. When two more red tentacles appear he runs away.

He comes back to the area and finds three tentacles, two red and one black, and he doesn't want these tenticles in the region. He claims that the building in front of him is terrible and that the building was built by the Kingdom. Then he decries to help the monster, when a mini earthquake occurs. The building then reveals itself to be Genetically Modified Crop Monster Big Soya.