The inside of the kingdom.

The Kingdom is a walled off city right next to Mana Woods. One day the Kingdom started destroying the forest, with the intent to make it bigger, better, and more accessible, which made Dorian declare war on the Kingdom.

The King

The King.

The king has plans to create candy by turning the best vegetables into jelly beans. He does this by cutting down trees to make larger factories.

However, the candy factory gets destroyed by Dorian. The King and Queen gets shocked by this and he asks the Minister for help. The minister says that the genetic modifications failed due to the destroyed factory, thinking that if he made bigger beans to make more candy he would be really rich with lots of money. The minister then says that this was caused by monsters that live in the woods and that the monsters are trying to get in the way of his plan. He requests to fight the monsters for the good of the royalty's subjects. The Scout Mecha's reports say that the monsters are in the Wood Square.

When Dorian gets into the Kingdom he discovers that it is really cold there. He thinks that it should not be this cold in this time of the year and then discovers a machine that causes snow to be launched. He decides to stop the machines before their majesties look for him, believing that the trees will freeze if he doesn't do something.