Genetically Modified Crop Monster Big Soya

Genetically Modified Crop Monster Big Soya is a monster found in the Mappa Woods. It is a large tenticled monster with a large mouth breaking out of a building. The building is controlling the monster's vine tentacles. It attacks Dorian who then retreats to the Mana House.

He attacks Dorian by sprouting discolored vines to whip him and his Wood Spirits. When the vines are destroyed the building monster is vulnerable to damage, which is the time Dorian is able to damage the monster.

After he is defeated Dorian gains a Mana Crystal, and he calms down. Dorian asks what happened to Big Soya and what did the Kingdom do to him. He apologizes for the damage to him but Big Soya says he doesn't need to apologize, saying that he himself should be saying sorry to Dorian. He then helps Big Soya, going back to the Wood Square and talks to Master.

After defeating the monster Dorian learns the Super Magic spell Zap, and gets "Additional Parts Set 1".