Ecomon is a flying-squirrel Wood Spirit that Dorian can control. Ecomon always float in the air, which gives them the ability to climb up and down from different elevations of terrain and hover over water and other dangerous terrain. Ecomon are also able to lift and carry Dorian, other Wood Spirits, and objects like Mana Balls, and move them to a different spot. Light objects such as Mana Balls are easily carried by a single Ecomon but large or heavy objects require more than one Ecomon to be picked up properly.

When they reach level 20 they gain the special move "Transporter" which enable them to move at normal speed even when carrying objects.

Dorian can increase the amount of Ecomon by planting trees within tall grass, which will turn into an Ecomon Tree which creates an Ecomon.

List of Ecomon SpiritsEdit

  1. Ecomon
  2. Strongmon
  3. Rescuemon