Ecolis is a squirrel Wood Spirit that Dorian can control. Ecolis are the main troop of Dorian, that defend him and the Mana House. They are able to plant trees that provide Mana and raise the forested land percentage. Trees can only be planted on areas highlighted blue when the action to do so is selected, and they cannot be placed next to existing trees. If the tree is planted on a certain type of ground it grows into a special kind of tree that does something such as increasing the amount of a kind of Wood Spirit. There are six types of trees that Ecolis can grow and the types are Normal Tree, Ecolis Tree, Ecomon Tree, Ecoby Tree, Heal Tree, and House Tree. They do a dance to grow the tree, called the "Taisai Dance", and they must be doing the dance for the tree to grow. They attack enemies using the "Tail Attack" to whip enemies with their tail.

When evolved they gain the special move "Rapid Growth" which enable them to grow trees using the Taisai Dance more quickly.

Dorian can increase the amount of Ecolis by making them plant trees on grass filled with pink berries. The tree will grow into an Ecolis Tree and an Ecolis spirit will be created.

Types of EcolisEdit

  1. Ecolis
  2. Mixlis