Ecoby is a beaver Wood Spirit that Dorian can control and have the ability to swim. They can destroy obstacles such as Wood and metal fences faster than the Ecolis and Ecomon. Ecoby's special ability is "Build" which allows them to construct Wood Bridges and Slopes. Building slopes allow Dorian and other Wood Spirits to reach higher places they couldn't otherwise reach and building bridges allow them to cross very deep rivers. However this ability is limited to areas highlighted blue. Some pools of water are just too deep to be built on because the Ecoby can't reach it. You can build Slopes attached to each other to increase the width of the slope. Having more Ecoby do the same task will speed up the completion of the bridge or slope. Ecoby can also swim in shallow and deep waters, something Ecolis can not do, and Dorian can go in shallow water only, as deep rivers will make him drown.

When Ecoby reach level 20 they aquire the Special Move Rapid Craft, which reduced the time required to create Bridges and Slopes.

The number of Ecoby can be increased by planting trees in sand bars, which will grow into Ecoby trees.

List of Ecoby SpiritsEdit

  1. Ecoby
  2. Wi-By