Dorian is a large humanoid wizard that lives in the Wood Square section of Mana Woods. He resembles a durian fruit in appearance, having fur-tufts all over his body resembling the spikes of the durian fruit and also has a large spike on top of his head. He also usually wears a waist bag. When he sees the Kingdom starting to destroy the forest and cause pollution he declares war on the Kingdom and sets out on a quest to save the Mana Woods from being ruined. As a wizard training under his Master he is able to use several forms of magic spells such as firing lightning bolts and sprouting trees instantly. Dorian is also able to summon and command small rodent Wood Spirits such as the small squirrel Ecolis, the flying squirrel Ecomon, and the beaver Ecoby.

In Eco-Creatures: Save the Forest you name Dorian at the beginning of the game, and he will be refered by the name you give him through the entire game.

Each day he swaps cooking food with his Master.


  1. "All right! We saved the forest! So, does this make me a great wizard?"